Healthy eating sessions and training with the Red Cross for emergency situations

Inter Campus: nutrizione e primo soccorso - Inter Campus Brasile  3
Inter Campus: nutrizione e primo soccorso - Inter Campus Brasile  2

RIO GRANDE do NORTE – Inter Campus is not all about sport and football: it’s always been shaped by a desire to build networks with local organisations, enhancing local projects. Today we find ourselves in Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil, where training sessions in the little villages along the coast are determined by the rhythm of the tides. Educational and recreational activities are not very extensive locally and children are exposed to the dangers of drugs and violence after school.

To address these issues, the FundaçãoVida in Pititinga and commendable local coaches strive each month to improve the development of new generations on a range of issues. For example, there are now many beach clean-up events to help restore these beautiful areas. There are also classes on nutrition to allow people to make the most of the plentiful resources on offer.

The most recent event centred around first aid training, with the Red Cross delivering both theoretical and practical activities for the benefit of older children. It’s crucial to understand your body and to know how to respond quickly in emergencies. This is especially true in remote areas where it can take time for the emergency services to arrive and the immediate period following someone becoming injured or ill can be really important in helping them, whether that’s on the pitch or at home.

Everyone was in the classroom, of course wearing their Inter shirts, as part of a family which grows together.

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