Analysis of the social impact of the Inter Campus programme


Can you change a child’s life through sport?

This is the question that underpins every Inter Campus project, with its interventions in difficult settings to support the needs of thousands of youngsters all over the world. The answer is clear for all to see, from Inter supporters to sport fans in general, and it is a positive one.

Inter Campus has been working on analysing such results for years in order to understand how to see to children’s real needs and drive positive change. It can be challenging to value the impact when the targets are intangible and so many stand to benefit from the initiatives.

This is why six sample projects have been identified: Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Colombia, Israel and Palestine, and Mexico, which represent the overall number of 30 countries encompassing countless cultures, languages and religions. The research, which started from a common framework, was geared around:

  • education;
  • encouraging dialogue in split societies;
  • preventing substance consumption.

Big and small participants alike expressed their opinions and offered specific details on their experiences, which provided confirmation on the one hand and many new tips on the other.

On Wednesday 1 December, the official data collected by Inter Campus’ research partner, the University Centre for Human Rights at Padua University, will be presented.

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