Inter Campus Poland going from strength to strength


At the Zakatek special needs school in Krakow, children are able to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities

KRAKOW – This week we’re focusing on Zakatek special needs school in Krakow, part of our Inter Campus Poland project.

The project at the school is led by Lukas, whose philosophy is one we can all get behind: “Every opportunity to come together and have fun is a chance to integrate and make new friends.”

The project includes football training, tournaments involving local teams, picnics, tennis matches, drawing competitions, and sports quizzes.

The project is the embodiment of the core ethos of Inter Campus Poland: to support social cohesion and promote the integration of orphaned and abandoned children or those with physical and learning disabilities.

Both on and off the pitch, it’s a chance for the kids to express and test themselves by playing and having fun.

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