Inter Campus and Neo Apotek together for Morocco


New Proud Partners for the Nerazzurri's social project, a synergy based on shared ideals

From today, Inter Campus and the kids involved can count on one more line of support. Neo Apotek, a leader in the pharmaceutical sector, will provide concrete support towards the development of the project in Morocco, where, since 2005, Inter Campus has operated in Casablanca to help 100 children by promoting inclusion and integration.

Since the very beginning of their journey, Neo Apotek had distinguished themselves for their ethical integrity and engagement in awareness-raising. Just like Inter Campus, Neo Apotek firmly believe in the positive values of sport, not just for its health benefits but also as a measure of social change, which is capable of uniting culture with spreading human rights.

The North African project will benefit from this partnership over the coming years as it is based on a common vision and shared ideals.

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