Inter Campus Morocco and Tunisia, on the same field of play


The joint technical course represented a moment of growth and sharing among the local staff in the North African projects

Growing up and being together, on and off the field, is a very important aspect for the children of Inter Campus. Together they learn values such as respect for the rules and the importance of the group, they learn to socialise and share experiences that represent real moments of development and, of course, joy and fun. For Inter Campus coaches, too, the growth of the group is an irreplaceable value, and this was the basis of the course that was jointly held a few weeks ago between Moroccan coaches and Tunisian coaches. It was a moment of learning and growth for the local staff of the two North African projects, an opportunity to get to know each other - even if only virtually - and share the experiences they have gained during the first year within the Nerazzurri social project. The course touched on the development of the training sessions as an educational tool, and all the coaches involved demonstrated that they are already well integrated into the logic of the Inter Campus method.

The presence of Émilie and Abdeljalil, organisational managers of the respective local partners who illustrated the work of their associations in Tunis and Casablanca, also helped to facilitate the exchange of ideas and dialogue between those present.

An important meeting, and certainly not the last, and perhaps next time everyone will be sitting around a single table.

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