Biraghi: "The defeat is disappointing but everything is still possible"


Quotes from the Nerazzurri winger following tonight's match against Napoli

MILAN Cristiano Biraghi spoke after Inter vs. Napoli this evening and had the following to say: “We need to accept this loss and focus on the fact that there is also the return leg. We’re a great team, playing a lot of games is something we’re used to. We’re ready to approach this period in a calm manner, all the while being aware of all the work we’re doing. It’s not easy when teams defend like Napoli did tonight, games like these are then decided by key moments. We could have made more of the chances we had, but I don’t think we deserved to lose. We didn’t give a lot away, it’s difficult to comment on this loss. There have been many games where teams have put men behind the ball but we’ve managed to find a way through. This evening, it went the way it did. Napoli defended well, but there’s the return leg to come and everything is still possible. We are certainly capable of winning and progressing to the final.”

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