2019 for Inter Campus


The inauguration of the 30th project and visits to the UN, plus smiling children across the globe

MILAN – The first contact between Inter Campus and Apeiron Onlus was in January 2019, when the association asked the former to help promote gender equality in Katmandu, Nepal. A few months later, the first visit took place prior to the 30th Inter Campus project officially coming into being. This was another big achievement and another step forward, building on 22 years of constant Nerazzurri support to partners across the globe.

Last year saw new challenges combined with old, prestigious practices, with the doors to the United Nations being opened on three occasions. Inclusion and disability, but also development through sport: these topics were discussed at UN buildings in New York and Nairobi, with Inter Campus now considered a key player in the field of social responsibility.

During 2019, lots of activities in the classroom took place, benefitting people of all ages and often extending to schools and universities as Inter Campus’s educational commitment, which starts from the pitch, continued. All the while, the people at the very heart of Inter Campus – that is the thousands of youngsters who train every day – were never overlooked. And that’s despite the difficulties that are encountered on a daily basis, like in the cases of Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The activities never stopped.

This is perhaps why the UEFA Foundation once again decided to provide support to Inter Campus, with food and recreational activities being offered to the children involved in the project in Caracas.

It was an intense year, and now it’s time to go again with the same determination and without letting up. For Inter Campus, 2020 is kicking off in Congo and Angola, where the Nerazzurri coaches are already out on the pitch to defend the Right to Play.

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