Marotta: "The side has character, improvement is our main goal "


The Sport CEO spoke after receiving the Oreste Granillo Prize

REGGIO CALABRIA - Sport CEO FC for FC Internazionale Milano Giuseppe Marotta today received the ‘Oreste Granillo’ Prize. It was the second edition of the honour named after the historic Reggina President. Last year, the prize went to the UEFA Vice-President Michele Uva. 

As stated by the organisers, the decision was made to “to recognise a professional of real substance, already the winner of a prize as the best director in Europe who has shown a wider commitment to excellence in sport and positive values through professionalism and effort.” 

After receiving the award which was presented by the Mayor of Reggio Calabria Giuseppe Falcomatà, Marotta spoke to Sky Sport. “The one against Brescia was a hard-fought but deserved win which shows the great character that the team has which reflects the characteristics of Antonio Conte. I know that in even difficult moments you might not look very good but still bring home important results. It takes effort, passion and motivation but Conte is a maestro in this.” 

On the league so far: “We always want to look to improve and show more determination, this is our aim. The results are supporting this and we’re happy that the work which began in Lugano in July is paying off. It’s a gradual process of growth and this year is a starting point. There are things that need to be improved and we’ll certainly get better but everything has to happen with a a great sense of calm so that we don’t pressure on those involved.” The January window? “We have to look and attempt to make the most of any opportunities that might be there and we’ll do so but we’re already going in a certain direction and the squad its excellent and we have to build from this.” 

On the UEFA Champions League following the win over Borussia Dortmund: “The bar must always be high and we must never think that we can’t make it. Away from Barcelona, it’s a difficult group because Borussia are a tough side and we deservedly beat them but it was hard. At San Siro, we saw that Slavia Prague don’t give you anything and they also made Barcelona suffer so it’s normal that there are still points up for grabs and we have to go out looking for them with the spirit and desire that we showed against Borussia and Barcelona.” 

Finally, Marotta on Lautaro Martinez and Lukaku after they scored at the Rigamonti: “Today, we’re playing modern football which requires a striker who helps the team and Lukaku is doing this very well away from scoring goals. He’s absolutely had a positive start to the season. He has great margins to improve further, I think he’ll make us very happy. The same goes for Lautaro Martinez, he’s improving from week to week and is a true talent.” 

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